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Placa Controladora ZH-Uc 3xHUB12 Para Painel de LED K2572

Código: K2572 Marca:
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The product name Zhonghang ZH-Uc Led control card
Zhonghang V3 version of the latest product status mainstream products, launched in September 2014, batch spot supply 
Monochrome points: 16*1536     32*768     48*512 (double color in half) 
Double color points: 16*768       32*384     48*256 
8 mbyte storage capacity 
Adaptation scope of all kinds of monochrome/double color LED display 
Software function groups cluster management/program edit/area shows/a variety of languages 
Program type Ordinary subtitle program/graphic program 
Show highest number add 32 programs, can be installed more fixed-length play/timing play/play/lock any single program broadcast 
Number of partitions support 16 free partition 
Area type graphic/subtitles/animation/lunar/analog dial/positive and negative time/temperature/time 
Frame according to the color of the most advanced magic show frame/support the whole screen and partition frame 
Moves the background support N kind of cool moves painting (the industry the most) 
The clock display lunar/analog dial/clock/positive and negative timing in both English and Chinese (both support group showed more) 
Usb download communication way 
Three groups of T12 display interface 
Temperature sensor support 
Program upgrade support usb upgrade 
Brightness adjusting brightness level 15, support automatic time-sharing move bright/light/software sensor adjustable light 
Module testing quickly detect the unit board module if there is a blind spot, dark light, full red and so on 
The remote switch Support automatic switch machine/software switch machine regularly 
Working voltage 5 V wide working voltage (4.6 V to 6 V) 
The maximum power of 2 w or less 
Ambient temperature - 30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ 
Led Control System V3 territory article management System supporting software installation and free installation 
Operating system supports Windows, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. (Incompatível com Windows 10) 
Warm prompt: due to the technology upgrade, the actual product function and technical index of the technical parameters of different post, please understanding! 
Operating system: supports Windows NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Link para acesso ao SOFTWARE on-line:

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